Pet Transport

We hate to lose good custom, but if you really must go, we'd like to help you get there. We can move your animal from one end of the country to the other, across town, or across the world.

Leave the vet certificates, crate purchases and export regulations to us.  You have enough to do no doubt. 

Leave your pets with vet nurse trained staff to see them through the entire transition. They could be in no better hands, treated as members of our family, until they are reunited with yours.

Pet transport can seem disproportionately expensive compared with passenger travel, so we provide an itemised quote so you can see where your funds are going.  The size of your pet determines the size of the crate needed to transport them, and therefore the freight price, to which the fixed fees are added. Attention to detail now will ensure a seamless transaction later, and with our industry leading performance guarantees, the risk to you is negligable. 

  • Zala
  • Shepard
  • Doublecat
  • Tucker
  • Exportcerts
  • trailer
  • bigdog
  • cutie
  • We stock IATA approved and AirNZ compliant pet crates and can fit your pet for you
  • Crate construction must be teeth and claw proof, and allow the animal to stand, sit and lay down normally.
  • Multiple animals can travel on the same export consignment and can fly on the same flight as you, or join you once you are settled
  • Puppies and Kittens should be 3 months of age and must be microchipped for export
  • We take the stress out of regulation, so you can be assured the requirements are covered
  • We can assist with domestic flights, or road transport door to door
  • This big guy sure appreciated having the entire deck to himself!!!!
  • This one nearly didn't make it to his destination. But you could forgive me - he is GORGEOUS

Crate Requirements

An IATA approved crate must have;-

  • Ventilation on all four sides
  • Bumper rails that protect the crate from other cargo packing tight up against the ventilation
  • Lockable closures so the crate cannot be opened accidentally or through vibration
  • Internal watering container that can be filled from an exterior via a funnel
  • Have appropriate netting in ventilated areas such that handlers are protected from teeth and claws
  • Be 10 cm taller than the animal contained

Map of Runs

  • Monday and Thursday Route
  • Tuesday Friday Route