Our Gaurantee

We are a small company, but we are attentive. When our home and livelihood depend on performance, you can bet we are highly motivated to understand your needs and provide streamlined and cost effective solutions. You and your pet are not just a number to us. Your pets will be treated as our family until they are reunited with yours.

It is our responsibility to research thoroughly each transport job, and we will guarantee our quotes for 60 days. You can therefore be confident that there will be no budget blowouts.

On a VERY rare occasion a flight is diverted or cancelled for reasons that are beyond our control. If this should occur there maybe some additional charges, for example layover boarding or repeating of export certification which has a short expiry date. These costs will be passed onto you with no markup applied, and we will commit all the additional time needed to resolve the emergency for free. We will advise you every step of the way, and our job is not finished until your pet is back with you.