Unique Pet Boarding

Cats and dogs are by no means the limit to our pet boarding capabilities.  Essentially, if you have decided to love it and include it in your family, we will provide appropriate pet care to fill any need.  There are regular house hold pets include mice, rats, birds, turtles and fish as you might expect. Rabbits and guinea pigs; those trusty kid friendly tried troupers, are also common.  However it is amazing that the most unlikely creatures can wiggle their way into our hearts - you will receive no judgement here.

Over the years we have provided pet care to Blossom the Possum (who arrived complete with her Department of conservation permit), Cleo the calf, ??? the dorper sheep, and the legendary Piggy Sue the house pig.  You know you have received a hug when it was generated by a pig!!!  She was the inspiration for the pigs we now keep ourselves.

The point of difference of a boutique, rural situated pet boarding  facility like Tolly Farm is that you are able to drop off all of your pets in the one place, and receive the same high quality of pet care for all.