Medication Policy

Medication of your pet, as a service, is subject to a small surcharge.

However, please consult with your veterinarian in advance of booking your stay with us if your pet requires medication.
This will not usually present a problem, but in some special circumstances your pet's immune system may be compromised, and although every effort is made to reduce stress on your pet, he/she may be more likely to become ill.

We are unable to accept animals suffering from any of the diseases that we require vaccinations for, or anything contagious to the other boarders staying with us.
We cannot administer medications that are needed more than twice daily, or where the timing is very specific.
For example we are unable to offer assistance with diabetic animals.
The type of conditions we deal with routinely are skin conditions, abscesses, ear infections, incontinence and heart conditions, basically those conditions that are not life threatening.

Please advise us of your medication requirements at the time of making your booking, so that we can document all dosages and run through this with you again at the time of drop off, as a double check.
We also need to know if medications have already been given that day.