River Runs and Bush Walks

River runs are an add on service for those who wish to have their high energy dogs needs satisfied. When the river can't be accessed, the Ashhurst domain provides an excellent 3 km walking track over farmland and through native bush. It's a change of pace and a great way to break up a long stay with something new and interesting to sniff at.

Consider river runs during the summer months, and when your dog is in for a long stay. The Manawatu river is accessible most of the year, and we ensure your dogs safety by exercising them in a harness, so there is no risk of them getting into trouble with swift water or snags amongst fallen trees.

For an additional fee, we can take your dog to the Manawatu river to swim. Dogs are restrained in a harness and are attached to the walker by a long rope for safety, the pursuit of chasing sticks is barely interrupted.

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  • When the river is inaccessible we are lucky to the several tracks through the Ashhurst Domain for super interesting bush walks
  • As long as the water is safe (no flooding or algae) the dogs are keen to get in - no matter how chilly
  • Particularly if there is enticement to chase after
  • And everyone gets a turn, and a stick of their own
  • Long ears make great floation devices
  • Well groomed walking tracks make the job a pleasure. You can tell by the smiles
  • Regardless of weather
  • Roll call L-R Bullet, Otis, Cheytac, Mina and a nameless black dog that joined us on the way home