For an additional fee we can bath your canine companion before he returns home, to ensure he is doggy smell free.

Note that the purple rinse shown on Ratbag the Bichon Cross DOES wash out leaving the hair silky smooth and white, but Ratbag looks pleased to play punk for the afternoon.

Our ergonomically designed hydrobath is available for DIY use also, so if you would like to do the bathing yourself, we are happy to provide hot water, shampoo and a chamois. This is great in the winter time and excellent for removing coat that has shed, that you do not wish to accumulate on your lounge suite. Well worth it, and the dogs enjoy the attention.

  • Megbath
  • Megdrier
  • Ratbag
  • A purpose built dog hydrobath is the way to go when it comes to bathing our furry friends
  • And most enjoy the pampering as much as we do
  • This purple rinse creates the whitest of whites, and is a bit of fun along the way