Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I provide my own food for my pet is there a discount on the boarding fee?

A. Managing multiple pets' diets increases the workload particularly during busy periods. However we can appreciate that keeping your pet on their regular diet can have benefits for their digestion, so we do offer that as a service, but sorry there is no discount.

Q. My pet is only a puppy or kitten, can I get a discount?

A. It is our experience that puppies and kittens are less likely to be properly kennel or litter tray trained, and therefore require more, not less care and attention. Also because we limit the numbers of animals we take, your puppy or kitten is taking up the space of a full grown dog or cat. It is space and service that we sell. Thus, we cannot offer a discount for younger animals.

Q. My flight leaves at 1pm, so can I drop my pet off at lunch time?

A. We adhere strictly to our open hours for the benefit of all our customers and our neighbours. Traffic on the driveway sets the dogs barking, which is difficult to manage unless we have structured times for you to visit. When the routine is predictable all the animals here find the circumstances less stressful, and that sum total is our aim. If it is not convenient to drop the animal off during our open hours on the day you leave, then please arrange to drop them off the night before, or arrange for a pick up if that suits.

Q. If I can't drop my animal off in the middle of the day, does that mean that you aren't there 24 hours a day?

A. We do work from home as a full time occupation, however we do leave the property from time to time during hours when Tolly farm is closed, to conduct pickups and drop offs, vet appointments and export activities. If your pet spends 24 hours a day with you, it may be that boarding is not the most suitable or practical solution for your travel plans. Animals that spend a lot of time with their owners can experience separation anxiety, which will not be observed at home, and only becomes apparent in the kennel environment. Unfortunately it is not something that can be cured or fixed in the kennel either, and is potentially dangerous when the animal fixates on escaping or self mutilating. If you spend all day and night with your pet, perhaps having someone mind your pet in your home would be a safer route to go.

Q. My pet was vaccinated 2 years ago, but I have heard that vaccinations last for up to 3 years, will you take my pet?

A. It is true that many vaccine manufacturers now produce vaccines that last for the extended period. If your vaccination card does not have a next due date, contact us to discuss or your vet to be absolutely sure. Do not assume that the vaccine used last time has more efficacy than the annual booster requirement.

Q. My pet was vaccinated but I can't find the card, will you take my pet?

A. It is really a tough situation, when it's a statutory holiday, you are a new client, we don't have your vaccination details on record, we can't ring your vet, and you have no evidence of vaccination. Unfortunately and regrettably we would have to turn you away, regardless of when you plane flies out etc. Any quarantine kenneling we have available is strictly held for emergencies only. The risk will most likely be to your dog if immunity is compromised, especially because other dogs in the compound who are vaccinated have been walked on public tracks and have come into contact with the diseases that could affect your dog. If your dog is in fact vaccinated and we have to turn you away on the paperwork technicality, we can't apologise for the promise we make to all our customers, that any animal they come in contact with here will be vaccinated. Hopefully by offering a full explanation here we can avoid that situation occurring.