Doggie Daycare

Many of our dog clients get excited driving in the driveway, or as they enter Ashhurst and they understand they are on their way to what is in effect, kindergarten.

For this reason we offer doggie day care as a service, where you can leave your canine companion to play to his heart's content while you work.

There are very practical advantages for your pet, Bazil, pictured here with his mate Sam, came to stay five days a week for his formative months, as he was imported to be a stud and show dog. However, he was not confident with strangers and particularly children since the kids next door had teased him. He was also not confident with other dogs, which is not a good trait for a show dog. He also had boundless youthful enthusiasm and would create havoc if left to his own devices. With those teething troubles behind him he is now successfully competing in shows, and his youthful enthusiasm hasn't left him.

If your dog is new to boarding with us, we require that you use our Doggie Daycare Service first, so we can assess the temperament of your dog and ensure he/she will not be unduly concerned when you leave for your holiday. Separation Anxiety is a cruelty, and tends to get worse over time rather than better, so talk to us about a strategy to transition your dog kindly

  • dog.shoe
  • Pool
  • trouble
  • Rico.and.Lucy
  • Rico.eats.ball
  • boofstick
  • Let us burn off the mischievous energy at Doggie daycare while you are occupied with work
  • A dip and drink in the pool on a long summer afternoon of play
  • Admittedly some dogs are more trouble than others - this guy is Trouble with a capital T
  • But you will usually find someone to play with, supervised in a safe environment
  • Be sure to bring your enthusiasm as well as your vaccination card
  • NOTE: always keep fingers at the furthest end of the stick!!!