As we are an individual cattery, cats are allowed out into the atrium for exercise once a day - if they choose to.  We aim to encourage 30 mins of exercise a day.

We do not allow that cats to run together, to prevent scratch and bite injuries, but the cats are able to introduce themselves to each other through the cage fronts if they a socially inclined.  We have the playgyms available for climbing and the fish tank has a ledge around the perimeter so that cats are able to follow the fish around the tank.

Some cats do not wish to leave their cattery, and we dont make them.  Each individual cattery is furnished with a scratching pad, and a shelf to elevate the bedding above the floor.  By providing vertical space in each cattery, the cats are able to exercise more isometrically (the muscles contract without the joints having to move) by climbing, scratching and stretching.  They do not need to cover the ground like dogs do, to stay fit and strong.