Dog Boarding

When selecting kennels for boarding your pet, safety, comfort and the opportunity for exercise and play are paramount. The kennel environment aims to provide the quality of care experienced at home, but the group setting provides unique challenges which must be managed thoroughly and attentively for those parameters to be met.

Kennel construction, staff training and experience are key to a positive experience.

We cater to all varieties of dog and their unique personalities. From the quiet, indoors dog, to the boisterous active outdoor dog, we can house them in an environment where they can enjoy their time with company of similar temperament.

All outdoor kennels have the bedding area and the attached run covered from the worst of the elements.  Poplar trees shade the exercise areas in the summer, while allowing in plenty of natural light when they have shed in the winter.

The indoor housing is fully enclosed to reduce distraction from the rural activities outside and traffic on the driveway. The enclosures allow dogs to see each other so that new guests can gain confidence by mirroring the behaviour of confident regular guests.  As such they don’t feel alone as they are separated from their families.

Before accepting dogs for boarding, we like to have them in for Doggy Daycare, so that they can have some experience of us, and we can evaluate their preferences.  It builds confidence, and the understanding that you will come back.

All staff complete the PetSaver course in Pet First Aid including CPR. We are AsureQuality accredited which requires regular auditing, so that you can be confident that we meet the highest standards in pet care.

Simone travels extensively both nationally and internationally, visiting with other boarding facilities to continue to expand the techniques and technologies for improving the service. The service provided at Tolly Farm represents a true passion rather than a vocation, and has done so for the past 11 years.

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