Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Our boarding cattery is characterised as non-communal.  We believe that individually housing cats indoors in large (2.5 cubic metres) catteries is essential for monitoring each animal’s health.  We document daily how your cat is eating, drinking, urinating and defecating.  When cats are boarding for extended periods of time, we also weigh them weekly, so that weight loss or gain can be factored into the total assessment of wellbeing.

Individual catteries reduce stress when cats are kept together in close proximity.  Cats are not normally of a pack or herd animal psychology unless raised from young in a household with other pets.  

Your pets are provided with a litter tray, food and water bowls and a basket if you prefer not to provide one. We encourage you to bring bedding from home that smells familiar as it helps cats to settle in an unfamiliar environment.  For shy cats we provide ‘hiding holes’ so that they can feel enclosed and protected and can venture out when they become confident.

Our cattery features a large fish tank through the middle of the atrium. The flow and bubbles of the water and the fish swimming by is quite mesmerising.  This distracts them from the fact that there are cats they don't know housed across the room.  Much like the ‘hiding holes’ it helps the cats feel less exposed, so they can venture around during cleaning times of their own accord and as their confidence improves.  The fish do not seem concerned when a cat fronts up to the glass, in fact they commonly follow them around, and seem to find it as entertaining as we do.

Our catteries are connected with internal (lockable) cat flaps, so that units can be extended for family groups of three or more, or for cats boarding for long periods.

Our cattery is audited every second year by AsureQuality to ensure we are providing the highest standard of pet care, and all our staff are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR.  Every effort is made to provide your pet with a safe, relaxed and enriched boarding experience.

  • cat boarding Allie
  • Oscar
  • playground
  • stig
  • tana
  • fishing
  • Sooty
  • Bringing familiar items of bedding helps Allie relax in comfort
  • Oscar has a hidey hole for his security - no need clearly
  • Pricilla finds the playgym has many options for spying, stalking and surveying the scene
  • Each cattery has a scratching pad for isometric exercise which Stig makes regular use of.
  • Tana is into everyones business
  • The cattery features a large fish tank for mesmerising cat facsination
  • Our "Hidey Holes" allow cats to venture out on their own terms, building confidence.