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for the very best care

Cat Boarding

Our boarding cattery is characterised as non-communal.  We believe that individually housing cats indoors in large (2.5 cubic metres) catteries is essential for monitoring each animal’s health.  We document daily how your cat is eating, drinking, urinating and defecating.  When cats are boarding for extended periods of time, we also weigh them weekly, so that weight loss or gain can be factored into the total assessment of wellbeing.

Dog Boarding

When selecting kennels for boarding your pet, safety, comfort and the opportunity for exercise and play are paramount. The kennel environment aims to provide the quality of care experienced at home, but the group setting provides unique challenges which must be managed thoroughly and attentively for those parameters to be met.

Kennel construction, staff training and experience are key to a positive experience.

Unique Pet Boarding

Cats and dogs are by no means the limit to our pet boarding capabilities.  Essentially, if you have decided to love it and include it in your family, we will provide appropriate pet care to fill any need.  There are regular house hold pets include mice, rats, birds, turtles and fish as you might expect. Rabbits and guinea pigs; those trusty kid friendly tried troupers, are also common.  However it is amazing that the most unlikely creatures can wiggle their way into our hearts - you will receive no judgement here.